7. Management


The lead institution for this work package will be the project coordinator
institution UNI, who will be competent for managing of all the phases and aspects
of the project. In the initial phase of the project all partner institutions will appoint
their representatives in the Central Management Team (CMT) comprising 12
members, and Local Coordinating Team (LCT) comprising 7 members in the way
that is provided by the project. At the kick-off meeting, which will be organized at

Strengthening Teaching Competences in Higher Education in Natural and Mathematical Sciences / TeComp

UNI at the beginning of the project, a partnership agreement with regulations for
the relationship among the consortium partners will be signed and the Quality
Assurance and Monitoring Board (QAMB) will be set up. A coordinator of each
work package will organize the work team, will be responsible for the realization
of the work package tasks and will report to the Project coordinator and upload
reports to the Project Administration Platform – PAP, which will serve as the basis
both for project implementation and financial administration. PAP will be,
primarily, used for internal documents – those that need not appear on the official
project website, and only authorized representatives of all the project partners will
have access to the platform. The QAMB will perform internal reviews and upload
the reports of their findings to PAP. Following this, relevant decisions will be
passed at regular meetings of the project management bodies – PMBs and at
coordination meetings and relevant documents will be adopted. The meetings of
the CMT will be held at regular intervals of 8 months, and meetings of the LCT in
the middle of these intervals, which should ensure the continuity of management
of the project. In addition, members of the CMT and LCT will be in constant
communication via e-mail and other modern means of communication, and many
on-going issues of the project management will be resolved in this way. The project
will ensure the purchase and installation of videoconferencing facilities for
educational purposes, but after installation these facilities can also be used for
videoconferencing meetings of the CMT and LCT. Financial administration and
bookkeeping will be done regularly to the highest standard, and all the partners
should provide the necessary input for the project coordinating institution. UNI
will be in charge of day-to-day coordination activities, with the participation of
other partners when it is necessary.

Related assumptions and risks

Proactive approach in project implementation

Well-organized management structure

Active participation of all consortium

High commitment of the project partners

High commitment in the project consortium

Risk recognition and prevention

Poor cooperation among stakeholders

Unavailability of key persons when necessary