What TeComp is all about

Dramatical changes in all fields of modern society, which were a result of the expansion of contemporary technology have had a huge impact on the higher education systems. In the field of natural sciences and mathematics Serbia and Albania have been creating and adopting modern study programs following the European standards for about a dozen years. However, those changes are not adequately accompanied by modernisation and alterations to the methods used in teaching and learning.

The main objective of TeComp project  is to improve the quality of higher education in the field of natural sciences and mathematics, through greater integration of modern pedagogical approaches, methodologies and technologies in teaching and learning in the PC HEIs. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to enhance professional competences and skills of teaching staff in order to enable them the usage of the full arsenal of available teaching tools in the field of natural sciences and mathematics. Consequently, continual professional development of teaching personnel must become the imperative across all higher education institutions. In order to achieve this goal, the serious of training courses for teaching staff in the areas of teaching methodology in higher education, modern pedagogical approaches and technology enhanced teaching and learning will be implemented as outcomes expected to be accomplished during the project realisation.

To stimulate internationalisation, the training of teachers for teaching and academic writing in English will be organised. Additional objective of the project is to rise general awareness of all stakeholders of the necessity of improving the quality of teaching and learning by adopting modern pedagogical approaches and using the latest technological achievements and to encourage them for active involvement in the realisation of these improvements. The benefits it brings both to teachers and students will be demonstrated through the launch of pilot projects for the integration of online technologies and pedagogies within courses, with special emphasis on their integration into laboratory classes.

Final aim is implementation of new/modified courses in line with modern European standards. The training courses organised in the framework of the project activities will grow into regular courses of continuing professional development of teaching staff.

These courses will be verified by the Academic Councils of the faculties, accredited by the national accreditation body and realised by the center for career guidance what is predicted by the Law on Higher Education in Serbia. Several new/modified elective master study courses in psychology, pedagogy, teaching methodology and technology enhanced education, specially designed for master students who plan to become university teachers, will be introduced, approved/accredited and implemented in educational process. Although, the main target group of the project is the teaching staff in the field of natural and mathematical sciences, our activities will target a broader group of teachers and teaching assistants in all other fields.