All of our video materials and presentations are now on our YouTube channel, but due to privacy matters we cannot share it publicly.
If you are intersted in seeing them, please contact us by email and we will make sure to make them available.


One of the most active and committed members of the TeComp project consortium, from Gjirokaster, suddenly passed away due to Covid-19. Even though the entire team is enveloped in sadness, may the memories of his positive attitude and willingness to work and build friendly relationships, as well as everything else he had done for us push us forward and may his deeds never be forgotten.

Rest in peace.


The series of training courses started with the trainings given by the University of Ghent and will be lasting for 12 weeks from the 22nd of February 2021. Around 70 professors and assistants will be fully trained in the usage of modern pedagogy and methodology in teaching and learning. All the tasks will be presented on the Ufora platform, which will also host all the results and communication. The groups have already been formed.