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One of the most active and committed members of the TeComp project consortium, from Gjirokaster, suddenly passed away due to Covid-19. Even though the entire team is enveloped in sadness, may the memories of his positive attitude and willingness to work and build friendly relationships, as well as everything else he had done for us push us forward and may his deeds never be forgotten. The project atmosphere will never be the same and will always lack his easy’going spirit, laugh, positivity, but we are happy to have been able to work with him and will continue to highlight the cultural impact the project has received thanks to him. Many of our colleagues expressed their condolences in heart’touching ways, some of which will be listed here:

“Luiz has been an excellent colleague, always so friendly.  I wish I could send a warm hug to his family.”

“… the news is very sad for everyone – the disease affects people regardless of age and health.

We ask Jelena to pass our deepest regrets to Luiz’s family.”

“a huge tragedy”

“Luiz’s death is such terrible news. On behalf of the University of Belgrade, I express my deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

“What a sad and unexpected new… Luiz always was so kind.”

“Most of the people in our project I knew already before, Luis was a new person for me. Despite this we became friends and he explained me a lot about his country. I will remember him as an open-minded, friendly and enthusiastic person, whom I really miss.”

Rest in peace.