PMBs set up and agreement signed


At the very beginning of the project two project
management bodies (project management body – PMB) will
be constituted: Central Management Team (CMT) and Local
Coordinating Team (LCT). The Central Management Team
will have 12 members and will comprise of the main project
coordinator and one more person from UNI, and 9 contact
persons from all other institutions involved in the project
(local coordinators). Its role will be to discuss all aspects of
the ongoing activities, to monitor and evaluate the progress
of the project and to deal with the general issues of project
management, namely, to make decisions that are of vital
interest to all the institutions involved in the project. The
Local Coordinating Team (LCT) will have 7 members and will
consist of the members of the CMT from the PC HEIs. Itsrole
will be to coordinate activities in partner countries: to
coordinate the dissemination activities of the project and
organise the project events in the country. In the initial
phase of the project a kick-off meeting will be organized at
the coordinator institution, UNI, with the participation of
representatives of all partner institutions. At the kick-off
meeting a partnership agreement, which will regulate the
relationship among the consortium partners will be signed
and the Quality Assurance and Monitoring Board (QAMB)
will be set up.