Project management will be greatly facilitated by the
creation of an online platform for project administration
(Project Administration Platform – PAP), which will serve as
the basis both for project implementation and financial
administration. The PAP will be primarily used for internal
documents – those that need not appear on the official
project website, such as:
– internal reports, recommendations, etc. which are
considered project outputs and outcomes;
– the documents gathered during the training visits to EU
partners (presentations and other documents, which are
considered to be their property, provided to the project
partners from Serbia and Albania and the project
– similar internal documents;
– financial management documents.
Only authorized representatives of all the project partners
will have access to the platform, and there will be two status
groups of the project participants in the PAP:
managers/coordinators (with unlimited access) and
members (without access to the financial part).


Project Administration Platform (PAP) - video guideline