Day-to-day coordination activities will enable to the
partners to have good communication, record keeping,
information dissemination etc. at all levels, from WP teams
to the Consortium. These activities will be done in the most
optimal way to ensure that the project realization is
successful, anticipating and preventing possible difficulties.
The local project management structure will ensure regular
communication with the project coordinator and their
involvement in the project activities.
To a greater or lesser extent, all partners will be engaged in
the implementation of all project activities. Serbian and
Albanian partners will have additional engagement as
leaders of some of the work packages, and some of them
will also have a special engagement as leaders of a few
activities in the work packages that are led by other
partners. In most of the activities EU partners will have full
engagement, and only in a few activities, such as the
purchase of equipment and the like, their role will be