Work Packages

1.1.Quantitative analysis of teaching competences of young, newly hired university teachers at the PC HEIsReport14-04-2019
1.2.Detailed analysis of the use of modern educational technologies in T&L at the PC HEIsReport14-04-2019
1.3.Reviewing experiences in the use of PMT in T&L at the EU HEIsReport14-06-2019
1.4.Performing a comparative analysis based on collected dataEvent, Report14-07-2019
1.5.Defining necessary measures and actions for the modernisation of T&LEvent, Report14-09-2019
2.1.Forming technology-enhanced learning spacesService/Product14-07-2020
2.2.Preparing material for PM training coursesTeaching, Learning and Training material14-05-2020
2.3.Creating material for providing language support for teaching staffTeaching, Learning and Training material14-05-2020
2.4.Preparing guidelines for the technological enhancement of teaching and learningTeaching, Learning and Training material14-05-2020
3.1.Organising the Workshop on innovative T&L methodologies and pedagogical approachesEvent, Report14-07-2019
3.2.PM training of teaching staffEvent14-06-2021
3.3.Training of teaching staff for using new educational technologiesEvent14-07-2021
3.4.Training for teaching and academic writing in EnglishEvent14-11-2020
3.5.Development of structure and content of courses for students and young teachersService/Product14-08-2020
3.6.Approval/Accreditation of new/modified master study and continuing professional development coursesService/Product14-11-2020
3.7.Implementation of approved coursesService/Product14-11-2021
4.1.The integration of online technologies into traditional coursesEvent, Service/Product14-11-2021
4.2.Developing systems for electronic testingService/Product14-11-2021
4.3.Forming online labsService/Product14-11-2020
4.4.Preliminary analysis of performance indicatorsReport14-11-2021
5.1.Establishing QAMBService/Product14-03-2019
5.2.Establishing internal work quality standards and proceduresService/Product14-05-2019
5.3.Preparing and analysing quality reportsReport14-11-2021
5.4.Organising inter-project coaching (Task leader: UNI)Event, Report14-09-2020
5.5.Organising external monitoring (Task leader: UNI)Report, Service/Product14-05-2021
6.1.Creating the project website (Task leader: UNI)Service/Product14-11-2021
6.2.Printing and distributing promotional materialService/Product14-08-2021
6.3.Disseminating reports on the project achievementsReport14-11-2021
6.4.Organising popularisation lecturesReport14-08-2020
6.5.Developing a Rulebook on CPD of teaching staffService/Product14-11-2021
6.6.Developing Strategy for the support and on-going improvement of the quality of T&LService/Product14-11-2021
6.7.Developing a unified questionnaireService/Product14-11-2021
7.1.Setting up PMBs and signing partnership agreementService/Product14-03-2019
7.2.Organising the Kick-off meeting and meetings of the CMTEvent14-09-2021
7.3.Organising meetings of the LCTEvent14-05-2021
7.4.Creating the PAPService/Product14-11-2020
7.5.Preparing interim and final reportsReport14-11-2021
7.6.Performing regular financial administrationReport, Service/Product14-11-2021
7.7.Doing regular coordination activitiesService/Product14-11-2021