Quality Assurance and Monitoring Board (QAMB)


A Quality Assurance and Monitoring Board (QAMB)
comprising 11 members, one from each PC and EU HEI, will
be established at the first kick-off meeting at UNI. It will be
responsible for monitoring project performance, against the
set of key performance indicators. UNIKO is the leading
partner institution for this WP that will organise for
qualitative reviews to be conducted twice yearly, to ensure
satisfactory progress based on internal QA reports
submitted to the QAMB and UNIKO. Namely, at each
milestone of each WP, the leading partner of that WP will

Strengthening Teaching Competences in Higher Education in Natural and Mathematical Sciences / TeComp
submit 6 internal QA reports (one report for each PC HEI),
that will be the basis for evaluation reports prepared by