6. Dissemination and exploitation


The dissemination of all project related information, activities and their
deliverables will start almost at the beginning of the project lifetime (immediately
after the kick-off meeting) and it will continue during the project’s realization and
after its completion. The project website will be created, maintained and regularly
updated, presenting all necessary information about the project, about on-going
and planned activities, project achievements based on annual joint reports
prepared at relevant decision-making bodies at partner institutions, etc. Besides
the website, the dissemination of the project information will be ensured by
designing and printing promo materials (leaflets, flyers). A numerous of
popularization lectures will be organized during the second and the third year of
the project realization both in PC and EU countries, where information about the
project will be given to various groups of project stakeholders, other HEIs, the
academic community and to the general public. For the purpose of disseminating
information about the project achievements, annual joint reports will be prepared
on the basis of the individual project reports from partner institutions.
An important activity in the project dissemination will be the organization of a
Workshop on innovative teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogical
approaches. The another activity within this WP will be the development of a
Rulebook on continuing professional development in the field of teaching the
teaching staff, which will be submitted to our institutions, and it will be adopted.
The goal of this task drives toward strengthening personnel infrastructure through
the introduction of continuing professional development of teaching staff in the
system of higher education. According to the recommendation of the High level
group on the modernisation of higher education every institution should develop
and implement a strategy for the support and on-going improvement of the quality
of teaching and learning. The proposal for such a strategy at the institutional level
will be made and submitted to the appropriate bodies of PC institutions for
adoption. At the end of this WP, a unified questionnaire for evaluating the quality
of teaching and learning at the PC HEIs will be developed.

Related assumptions and risks

Motivation of teaching and technical staff for additional work

Motivation to implement project results

Motivation of students to fill out a questionnaire objectively

Good collaboration among the stakeholders

Indifference of IT staff

Complex adoption procedures for documents

University management changes