Three series of training courses will be held within this task.
The first series will be organised at the PC HEIs and the
trainers will be teachers of psychology, pedagogy and
teaching methodology (PPM) from these HEIs.
In the second series of training courses instructors will be
teachers from GU and UGR. The courses will be held at two
different places: UNI (for Serbian trainees) and UNIKO (for
Albanian trainees) and from the other PC HEIs the lectures
will be monitored via the video conference.
The third series of training courses will be organised at UGR.
Teachers and teaching assistants who were the most active
and showed the best results in two previous series of
training courses will have the opportunity to attend
advanced courses at UGR. These teachers and teaching
assistants would be the driving force in fostering further
modernisation of teaching and learning methods and tools
at the PC HEIs.