2. Upgrading educational infrastructure at the PC HEIs


The advance of digital technology in recent years has changed the world
dramatically and will continue to do so. New and emerging technologies are driving
major changes in higher education and the landscape is constantly evolving. The
aim of the WP2 is to harness the potential of these developments in the service of
high quality education at the PC HEIs by upgrading their educational infrastructure.
The first task is to buy and install equipment both for Serbian and Albanian HEIs.

Work groups consisting of IT specialists from the PC HEIs will make a final
specification of equipment to be purchased, carry out tender procedures for
purchasing and monitor installation of the equipment and arrange trial of its

Other tasks concern the preparation of printed and electronic materials for
pedagogical and methodological training courses and guidelines and instructions
for the technological enhancement of T&L, as well as materials for training courses
for teaching and academic writing in English.

Related assumptions and risks

Technical staff skill set to set up, use and maintain ICT equipment

Enough available space for establishing new teaching and digital learning labs

Regular financial flow

Lack of quality technical staff to support activities in installing and maintenance needed ICT infrastructure

Low bandwidth