In this activity the technical infrastructure and laboratory
equipment for educational purposes of the PC HIEs will be
purchased and installed. First, the provisory equipment
specification given in the project application as the need of
the PC universities, will be revised by two constituted work
groups. A work group for each partner country will consist
of IT experts from that country. The work of these groups
would start simultaneously with comparative analysis and
identification of needs in WP1. The final decision about the
purchase of equipment can be made at the second LCT
meeting and then separate tender procedures for the
Serbian and Albanian partner institutions will be carried out.
After the completion of tender procedures, partner
universities will organize installation of video conference
rooms (VCR) and a trial of their functioning. VCR will be
installed at locations determined at the LCT meeting. These
VCR will be useful for exchanging experiences in the real
time, for organising on-line meetings, collaborations and
workshops. In addition, equipment that will be used for
modernisation of classrooms and laboratories at the PC HEIs
will be purchased. Technology-enhanced learning spaces will enable the use of innovative teaching and learning
methodologies during and after the project life.