1.1. Quantitative analysis of teaching competences of young, newly hired university teachers at the PC HEIs


Report on the level of PPM knowledge/skills of
university newly hired teachers at the PC HIEs


 Within this activity a quantitative analysis of the current
state of teaching and learning at each of the PC HEIs will be
done. It will be particularly focused on the level of education
of the young, university newly hired teachers in pedagogy
and teaching methodology and the existence of
professional development in that area. The analysis will be
performed reviewing on-going study programmes and the
teaching methods and tools used, and by means of
questionnaires filled out by teaching staff and students.
Reports on the results of this analysis will be prepared.
Based on individual reports of each PC HEI, the team formed
by the WP leader will compile a joint report for all the PC
HEIs. The join report will be finalized at the first meeting of
the Local Coordinating Team (LCT).