Matej Bel University is a classical university covering natural and social sciences. The university is located in Banska Bystrica one of the major cities in central part of Slovak Republic. It consists of six faculties: Natural Sciences, Humanities, Economy, Politology and International Affairs, Law, Education. Throughout past 20 years it has been a coordinator or a member of a number of international research and educational projects. Thanks to these it has very high standards of infrastructure, information and communication technology and libraries offering a wide range of contemporary scientific books. With over 12 thousand students Matej Bel University belongs to 5 largest universities in the country. As a result of previous international projects (mostly TEMPUS) the university has wide international contacts and takes an active part in programs of students and staff member exchanges. The education at the university is supported by ICT, mostly in a form of online courses in the LMS Moodle system. The research in education is aimed mostly on the methodological aspects of science subjects, role and function of computer-aided education and cognitive processes.

For over 10 years the university offers studies in Financial and Business Mathematics and Mathematical statistics in all degrees, with PhD studies in Mathematical statistics being unique throughout the country. These are prepared and taught in close cooperation of Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantitative methods in Economy.

The university cooperates with several industrial and commercial institutions in the region in research activities (Steel plant in Podbrezova) or practical placement and thesis supervising of the students (banks, insurance companies).

Role in project

UMB will participate in the realisation of all work packages and activities on the project, and their special contrubution will be given by expertise in the methodology of science education, namely in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. The university provides know-how on proper implementation of information and communication technologies and educational software in teacher training. UMB is prepared to organise workshops and seminars for project partners aimed at practical use of these technologies and software in educational process. A special attention will be given to possible negative effects of the technology in teacher training. The university will provide its curricula for teacher training together with the experience with this curricula. UMB will host several visits by the representatives of PC HEIs, and during these visits they will show their experiences in the aforementioned areas and they will hold several short intensive training sessions on these topics. They will also participate in training of teaching staff that will be held at PC universities.