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Widen the TeComp-powered education

The power of dissemination activities of the project lies in their ambition and well tailored design according to the characteristics and needs of each specific target group (faculties, teaching staff and students).

The project applies dissemination tools such as a website, printed promo materials, popularisation lectures, workshops, dissemination through the media etc. The leader of this work package is UB, who has been chosen because of the cost effectivness of purchasing and printing of promotional materials.

The first task, whose leader is project coordinator UNI, is creating and updating the project website. All necessary information about the project, about on-going and planned activities, project achievements based on annual joint reports prepared at relevant decision-making bodies at partner institutions, etc. will be presented on the project website. It will be regularly updated, so that beneficiaries can always be informed about relevant activities, novelties and project results.

Efficient communication about the objectives of the project provide feedback on the progress of the work being performed in the work packages. Involvement of the actors and target groups are key factors for the project success and spreading of its results. In addition to the website, the dissemination of the project information will be ensured by designing and printing promo materials (leaflets, flyers). All project deliverables and results will be published on the website. Information about the project progress and outcomes will be disseminated through press releases sent out to the media.

A number of popularization lectures will be organised during the second and the third year of the project realization both at PC and EU countries, where information about the project will be given to various groups of project stakeholders, other HEIs, the academic community and to the general public. An important activity in the project dissemination will be the organisation of a Workshop on innovative teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogical approaches, which will be promoted through the media and through prepared printed and electronic promo material.

One of our members presents TeComp at the Leposavić science conference

TeComp reaches science conference

Our member, Slađana Dimitrijević, participated in an online science conference held by the University of Leposavić about the impact of COVID-19 on education, and digital and online classes.

The Belle Amie TV interview

Dr Jelena Ignjatović from The faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, coordinator of the TeComp project, and Dr Slađana Dimitrijević from The Faculty of Science in Kragujevac were interviewed about TeComp and the importance of quality of education.

LCT and working hours Kragujevac

Dr Jelena Ignjatović from The faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, coordinator of the TeComp project: "We know the technology is making progress at breakneck speed, so the main goal of this project is to improve the teaching methodology in ways of using the modern technology and motivating students."

Dr Slađana Dimitrijević from The Faculty of Science in Kragujevac, the host of this LCT meeting: "Every day should be looked as an opportunity for cooperation. The only room for improvement comes after you see how the other people are working."

Early impacts of TeComp

Top notch education platform

One of our members Miroslav Marić, from Belgrade, led a team that created an educational platform During the creation process, the methods of good practice, which we already familiarised ourselves with in the frame of TeComp, were implemented and used. It was them that helped to further increase the popularity of these materials. This effort did not go unrecognized, because this platform received a prestigious award at a world competition "Zero Project 2020", organized by the Essl Foundation and the United Nations in Vienna. For more details check the Serbian goverment's news article by clicking on the following link